Thursday, 24 March 2016

Country Style

One of the perks for living in the country is that you can walk straight out your front door and see rolling green fields, wild geese, sheep, cows and possibly feed some donkeys if your really lucky. 
It was a grey day but just before tea time we threw on our coats and went round the corner to see the little lambs in the field behind us and forever the multitaskers we managed to get a few snaps of what I was wearing.

I actually had a cashmere scarf and jumper on today this was the first cashmere wearing occasion in a very loooonnggg time.  
This is because my little girl has acid reflux which was terrible in those first few months although it has greatly improved now with the help of medication and her going onto solids. 
Unfortunately on occasion she will still surprise us with a bit of reflux usually during the most inopportune moment (think soft play, out for coffee or at a friends house or should I say on a friends lovely sofa) cashmere along with silk, clutch bags and very high stilettos had been placed in a wardrobe in my spare room labelled "My Old Life".  Lately the odd thing has started emerging from this wardrobe and this brings me great satisfaction! Saying that previously I would have teamed this cashmere combo with suede over the knee boots and a little leather jacket but c'est la vie!

Coat - Armand Basi
Cashmere Scarf - Lily and Lionel
Cashmere Jumper - White Stuff
Jeans - J Brand
Trainers - Next

I have my husband off for the Easter long weekend so some dry weather over the next few days would be nice!

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