Thursday, 10 March 2016


My name is Claire and I live in a little village in the beautiful North Down countryside, I am a first time mum to a very active 1 year old with a love of fashion, beauty and pretty much all the nicer things in life! 

I am starting this blog as I have found since I became a Mum that my style has changed, I have got stuck in a rut fashion wise and I tend to make the same sensible clothing choices day in, day out that keep me comfortable and able to run after my girl.  I am hoping by starting this blog and documenting what I am wearing and putting it all out there that this will help me change it up again and get back that pleasure that I used to feel wearing great clothes and to see that my style hasn't disappeared and rather just evolved due to my new lifestyle!

I find it a struggle to find blogs written by other like minded females in their 30's who are from Northern Ireland so I decided I should start one myself :-)

I appreciate any comments.


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