Thursday, 10 March 2016

My First Ever Outfit Post

In my mind my first outfit post was going to be pretty great!  There was going to be a dress involved......definitely heels anyway, a clutch bag and an exciting evening out.  
Unfortunately thats not reality these days. Its been a long time since I chugged wine, danced on tables and stayed out until the early hours!
Life these days consists of (if its my day off work) running around the house after my daughter pulling her away from ordinary house type things which are now seen as majorly dangerous, getting us both ready in record time without us falling out with each other, then out the door to somewhere which will help burn some crazy toddler energy.  The rest of the afternoon is spent cleaning the house and feeding the crazy toddler until bed time.  A life of glamour it isn't!  
Anyway here it is....a typical days outfit for a typical day!

Shirt - J Brand from Roco Boutique Holywood
Cardi coat - All Saints
Jeans - J Brand
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Erica
Trainers - New Look

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