Saturday, 12 March 2016

Weekend Wears

Quite a grey day out there today but dry and not freezing. We are doing nothing more exciting than Sainsburys and hopefully a coffee later.  My daughter has a terrible cough and spent pretty much the whole night awake with it so a coffee is definitely required!

I am wearing a cosy outfit with a pair of boots that are a new addition.  They have a bit of a heel but I am still able to run about in them. They are also comfortable but still look pretty good I think!  Footwear is a huge problem for me at the moment, the old me loved nothing more than a pair of high heels but I quickly figured out after having a baby that this type of footwear was no longer working and teetering around in a pair of heels after a baby just makes you look like a bit of a idiot!  I am always on the hunt for trendy flats (I swear I waste so many hours on these sorts of things!) and I think I have found a pair, they arrived from House of Fraser this week so I will have to show them off!

Grey jumper - Part Two Copenhagen
Jeans - All Saints Stilt
Boots - KG Scarlett
  Coat - Armand Basi (about 5 years old)

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