Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Date With Five Guys

Sunday started off fairly uninteresting, I spent the morning cleaning and doing other exciting things like that while my husband took Stella out for a couple of hours to burn off some energy.

After Stella's nap we decided to go into Belfast and have a bite to eat.  Bringing our little one out for dinner is a new thing for us as she is now able to sit a bit longer than she used to, especially if she has something nice to eat!  We have to choose the restaurant wisely as it definitely needs to be family friendly and ideally have a bit of hustle and bustle to it to keep our girl amused.

Shirt - J Brand from Roco Boutique Holywood
Cashmere Scarf - Roco Boutique Holywood
Jeans - J Brand
Trainers - New Look
Coat - All Saints City Monument
Bag - Tory Burch Tote

Clearly still loving my City Monument All Saints coat so much so that I have been wondering how I managed without one for a year! This weather we are having is so up and down that this was the perfect outfit as the cashmere scarf added some much needed extra warmth.

We decided to go to Five Guys in Victoria Square and it was a great decision.  We have visited Five Guys while in the States and we were unsure as to whether it would be as good as it was out there. 
It most definitely was as everything was great . It is very much a fast food joint but the quality is good and everyone was happy. 
I got a "little bacon cheeseburger" as the normal ones are pretty monstrous!

Its making me hungry just looking at it! 

Me looking fairly excited :-)  
It is lovely to get out as a family for a meal and hope to do it more regularly now that its slightly more relaxing than it used to be!

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