Friday, 8 April 2016

Our Trip To The Masters 2013

The Masters are back on and its got us reminiscing about our trip we took back in 2013.

We were very lucky to receive practice tickets through the ballot and excitedly arranged a holiday around our day at Augusta.  

We flew into Atlanta late in the evening and stayed there for 2 nights in a Hilton hotel in Buckhead. 
We had a great stay as there was a festival on at the time and we pretty much spent our whole day there.  After exploring the area we sat under a tree and watched the concert with a few beers.  Nice way to relax after a long haul flight!

After our time spent in Atlanta we drove to Athens and stayed there overnight. Athens was still nearly 100 miles away from Augusta but we found the prices of hotels in the area of the Masters were crazy prices and couldn't bring ourselves to pay hundreds of dollars for a 1 star motel!  Athens itself was a lovely little place centred around a beautiful University.  It had a real studenty, arty vibe and we enjoyed pottering about taking in the atmosphere. The band REM are from Athens and we totally could place them there!

We woke up on the morning of the Masters early in the morning ready for our 2 hour drive.  By the time we arrived it was a beautiful day with barely a cloud in the sky.  
Honestly I have never attended such a well organised event.  There were tens of thousands of people attending but we moved very quickly from the carpark into the golf course with no real wait.  
I am not a huge golf fan unlike my husband but I must say even I got butterflies walking in! The course itself is even more beautiful than you see on the tv.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the golf, it felt like a real honour to go. The food was also exceptional and sooo reasonably priced!  We ate more pimento cheese sandwiches than I care to mention ;-)

Our next stop was Hilton Head Island which was 135 miles away but well worth the drive.  Such a stunning place that we have visited again since.  The beach is just gorgeous, there was so much to do, the island has fabulous cycle paths and we were able to hire bikes to explore the different areas.  We hope to take Stella there once she is old enough to enjoy it and has enough patience (!) to sit on a long haul flight.

Just look at that blue sky people :-)

We spent the rest of our holiday staying in a friends house in Orlando, Florida. My husband had done so much driving in the first week of our holiday that we mostly sat in the sun and relaxed during our 2nd week.

Hope this was of some interest, we had spent last night watching the golf and chatting about it so I felt that if anything it was something relevant to blog about!

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