Friday, 1 April 2016

Spring and We Have a New Winter Coat

You would think buying a new winter coat in April is a ridiculous thing to do because in most other places your lovely, new coat would be abandoned in a cupboard until November but today was most un-spring-like. We had cold, wet and wind.  Delightful.

I bought my new coat from All Saints. This is my second Monument coat, the first was worn to death and had to be put out after I had my daughter.  
I got a good run out of that coat but it met its demise when I literally wore it every day for the 4 months before I had Stella.  
The lining was ripped, the seams were stretched and it looked just done.  

When All Saints sent out an email for 30% off I really thought it would make sense for me to buy another one! This coat drapes beautifully and fastens up in a really nice way.  
I got the coat in black although I preferred my last one which was navy but they didn't do it in navy this year. I also wore my new sneakers which are the Adidas Stan Smiths, I can now see what all the fuss is about, as boy are these comfortable!  

Coat - All Saints City Monument
Jumper - All Saints Beck V Neck in black
Scarf - Cocomenthe
Jeans - All Saints Grace
Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths

Fastens up beautifully and warm, definitely a great investment buy.

In the afternoon we got ourselves out to a coffee shop called Clements in Ballyhackamore.  This is one of our regular places for us to get a caffeine hit and a sweet treat.  We visit it often as the coffee is great but also they are family friendly.  
Clements have good high chairs which are always clean and easy to put in/take out wriggly babies, staff that will always stop and say hello to attention seeking toddlers and they have just started to keep a small selection of toys, some crayons and a couple of books.  They also have snazzy decor with jazzy lights that my daughter just loves to look and point at :-)

Trying to get the hang of colouring in.

Hope you all had a good Friday and kept warm!

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