Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Palm Tree's on the Beach

Its our last day today, I really don't want to think about going home to grey skies. It's starting to get properly hot here now so maybe just as well that we are leaving as our 1 year old seems to dislike the high temperatures, she gets hot so quickly with all her crazy running around!

The only thing I am looking forward to coming home to is a haircut! I haven't had my hair sorted since December! I'm not going to blame having my daughter for the reason for my lack of haircuts but it is her fault ;-) It's so hard to find the time now to get these things done. I am pretty sure I am overdue for the optician by maybe a year too! Before holidays my hair was a bit of a mess but now after 2 weeks of sun it looks beyond awful. Even my split ends have split ends! So no more procrastinating it is getting done ASAP. Thank goodness for holiday hats.

Shirt - Zara Palm Tree Shirt
Shorts - Girlfriend Shorts
Shoes - havianas flip flops
Sunglasses - Rayban Erika 
This Zara shirt is so cute with little embroidered palm trees all over it. It's 100% cotton so nice and cool if your heading away on holidays. I loved wearing it with my denim shorts to keep my shoulders covered up in the sun. But also a great cover up over a bikini due to it being oversized. I bought it from Zara in Belfast just before heading away. Such a great bargain at £22.99.  I would definitely recommend it. 

Picture perfect from the boardwalk at Hilton Beach Club.

Awww, what about this for cuteness?! My girl loved the beach so much. She absolutely loathed the whole suncream situation though, acted like we were causing her excruciating misery and pain....hence why she is only in a swimming nappy and not her costume. Couldn't be bothered after the fall out over suncream!

Wish me luck for the flight home tomorrow, this one unfortunately is not over nap time :-o

Claire x

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