Sunday, 29 May 2016

Travelling with a Toddler

Once I got home from holidays many of my friends asked me how much we all enjoyed it as a family, how the flight went with Stella and how she did with sleeping at nights.  They all knew I was fairly anxious about the plane even though it wasn't our first trip with our little girl.  We have been lucky to get away before and this was our third holiday with Stella but this one was very different from our previous!  Stella is walking now and as all mama's know this brings a whole new set of problems!  On our previous holidays Stella was 4 months and 9 months so not yet mobile, her needs were very simple and easily(ish) met plus she napped frequently through the day which allowed us (looking back on it now) a good bit of relaxation time!  Our girl CANNOT sit still for more than 5 minutes so the flight was expected to be.....challenging.  

If you follow me on instagram you will know she napped!  I was actually desperately needing to go to the loo but just sat there for nearly 2 hours as the alternative was waking Stella!  The hour that she was awake was actually fine we pretty much fed her the whole time :-)

We knew once we arrived in Portugal that our weather wasn't going to be great for the first week, but we weren't expecting it to rain torrentially pretty much solidly for about 5 days. At times this was tough as there isn't much in the way of indoor activities for adults never mind toddlers.  We just tried to get out in the dry periods as much as possible but it was far from ideal.  

Happy families - crazy hair, crazy weather, crazy baby
We took it in turns letting Stella run around the hotel lobby (who needs soft play?!) during the rainy times. You just do what you gotta do and we needed to let this girl burn off some energy!

Toddler chasing at Vidamar
We split our holiday in 2, our first week was spent in a villa at the Vidamar then we stayed in the Hilton in Vilamoura. The weather was glorious for our 2nd week and the holiday became infinitely easier.  Stella loves being outdoors and the Hilton catered for children rather well as along with the swimming pools they have a kids club called Paradise Island.  We were able to take Stella in and let her use the outdoor play area which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Its a fabulous park.

Mummy/Daughter Outfits
We took Stella to the beach each morning and honestly I have never seen her so excited.  Generally no matter where we go we have to hold Stella back from doing what she wants to do, stop her from throwing herself down steps, falling down hills and touching things that she shouldn't but at the beach we were able to just let her run unrestricted and she adored it.  It was lovely to see her enjoying herself so much. What she didn't adore was getting sun cream on! That was a fun, daily battle!

No swimsuit for this one, after suncream gate I couldn't be bothered :-)
We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment at the Hilton and my husband and I are tidy people but we could not keep this place in any sort of order!  Within minutes of us getting back to it I would look around in dismay to see the place trashed! 

Stella constantly moves furniture!
Its funny, when the holiday had its moments my husband and I reminisced of past holidays that we took as a couple when everything was so much easier, when we were able to sleep to 9am, sunbathe, go shopping and have relaxing dinners but during our fun times (and there were plenty) it couldn't have been better. Stella makes the most mundane things fun. She had her first taste of ice-cream while we were there and boy did she love it, she charmed all the waiters in both resorts, she decided that hills were her new favourite thing and would run up and down them with great pleasure all day if allowed and she picked up some new words which she was so proud to use! I wouldn't change it for the world.

Roll on holiday 2017 :-)

Claire x

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