Sunday, 5 June 2016

Castle Espie and Gran Fondo

I am still loaded with this extremely annoying Summer cold but we managed to make the most of the gorgeously sunny weekend that we have just had, all be it very well dosed up on Lemsip!  My poor little girl has also has got the lurgy although her mood has been good during the day, the last few nights have been tough and not much sleep has been had by any of us.

Thursday saw me at Castle Espie with Stella. It was a glorious day and although I felt unbelievably hideous I still felt lucky to be out with my girl walking about in the sun and looking at the cutest fluffy ducklings and the odd rabbit.

Castle Espie with Scrabo in the distance

Wildwood Play
That face is saying 'come play with me Mummy'. Stella is growing up so fast, she is picking up new words every week, starting to feed herself with a spoon and she is able to play for a short time independently.  Its amazing watching her grow. I keep looking at her and wondering where did my little baby go. It makes me feel so proud but emotional all at the same time.

Top - J Brand
Coat - Zara Trench
Jeans - Topshop Hayden Ripped Jeans
Sandals - Topshop Leather Sandals
By the way that Zara coat is still being super useful and its definitely going to be one that doesn't get put away and gets used all year round. 

Today my husband took part in the Gran Fondo. He completed it and enjoyed himself.  The route passed our house so he was able to make a pit stop to see us.  Clearly he wasn't trying to win it! If the pit stop wasn't confirmation of that then the amount of beer he consumed the night before would also have cleared that up for you ;-)  

Here she is cheering on Daddy!  Saying that watching the cyclists with Stella was not a relaxing time, she wanted to be on the road where the action was happening which made for a bit of a stressful morning! We didn't last too long!

Sorry for the lack of outfits in this post but there was very little style going on this week.  I pretty much had the comfiest clothes I could find on repeat these last few days.  I aim to do better this coming week!  Thanks for reading :-)

Claire x

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