Thursday, 23 June 2016

Feeling Grateful

After a rough night with my little one (possible stomach bug) I was very grateful to see the sun out today.  I am sure everyone and not just parents agree that when the sun is out life generally seems that little bit easier!

We had an afternoon out and about looking at ducklings and cygnets at our usual haunt.  It was a beautiful afternoon and my time with Stella on these days makes me infinitely grateful that I was able to return to work as a part timer.  It is wonderful being able to spend so much time with her. Today she picked up the word 'duck!' and it was so fun seeing her having so much pleasure using it.  Although saying that everything was a duck including swans and seagulls but you gotta admire her enthusiasm!

Onto more fashion related topics. I found this little denim top in New Look a few weeks ago and realised that I have been reaching for it very regularly since I bought it.  It is thick fabric so ideal for our cool summers and it looks great worn with khaki and white jeans. The frayed and striped edge makes it very up to date too. Such a bargain for only £15.99, I love it paired with my Monica Vinadar rose gold necklace but I think it would look equally pretty worn with pastel costume jewellery that I was eyeing up in Accessorize the other day.

Top - New Look Light Blue Denim Top Link
Jeans - All Saints Biker Jeans on sale here Link
Trainers - Superga Link

Two very happy faces.....and what stomach bug?  Its amazing how they rally sometimes, throwing up the night before then running about quacking at ducks the next day. I wish I had half of that energy.

Home time with a quick stop off to vote.

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a good day.

Claire x

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