Friday, 29 July 2016

Leopard Print Sandals and Chocolate Brownie Balls

Well it feels like today was the first day in ages that we actually had a bit of sunshine.  I used this momentous occasion to break out my Topshop Leopard Print Sandals.  I usually buy a new pair of Topshop leather sandals every year as I find them comfortable and very well priced.  My sandals usually don't last me longer than a year as we tend to do a lot of walking, especially when we are away on our holidays and that combined with me wearing them in the rain and chasing after a little one into the sea means they look very worn quickly and of course they must be replaced the following year ;-)

As per usual these ones tick the boxes in terms of comfort and I usually favour this style rather than a toe post which I tend to find pretty uncomfortable but also I just love a bit of leopard print!  Anyone else? I mean I know its a print but I find that it really does work with pretty much everything.  Anyway, here is a photo of me wearing them during a bit of a walk after our coffee at Daft Eddy's. I know I mentioned it before but these super soft jeans which are also from Topshop are always worn once a week as they are just so nice to wear almost like wearing your old, much worn and washed pyjamas but what I will say is that your Granny will hate them due to the ripped knees!

Top - Part Two from Roco Boutique Holywood here
Jeans - Topshop Lucas Destroyed Jeans here
Sandals - Topshop Havana Tie Up Sandal here

Last blog I had touched on the fact that I was trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar I was snacking on in the evenings.  Well I am pleased to say that I have been pretty good on that front bar the weekend ;-) I am still continuing on with these raw treats which are usually medjool date based.  This one from Madeleine Shaw has been popular this week with my husband (and me!) the recipe shows them in cake form but I actually formed them into balls for a bit of portion control as if I left it as a cake that I needed to slice then I would probably just eat the lot! 

The recipe is here they hit the spot with their brownie like consistency and the chocolatey flavour.

Have a nice weekend!

Claire x

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sunny Weather and Peanut Butter Balls

What beautiful weather we are having! Today has been so hot, we have been waiting for summer for what feels like ages.

Poor Stella has been teething terribly, 2 canines and 2 molars are all coming through. This has brought with it bad nights and her getting terribly upset at times during the day.  Friday night saw us only getting a few hours sleep, we thought the whole weekend was going to be a write off but we actually had a lovely one, helped of course by the nice weather.  On Saturday we managed to get Stella napping in the buggy and had lunch outside in Holywood followed by letting her have a play in the park, Sunday was spent at Delamont.  All in all a success I would say.

Check out that view at Delamont. Stella is so crazy for her Daddy, he can do nothing wrong its so sweet.
Outfit (first ever in a pet shop?!)
Scarf - Lily and Lionel
Top - New Look
Jeans - Marks and Spencer Skinny Jeans in Black
Trainers - Superga
Bag - Lulu Guinness
Look at Stella's little face in this photo. She is such a big girl for her age and usually so independent.  This was Saturday after our terrible night, she was clingy and tired.  This photo breaks my heart a little!

Since having our girl my husband and I have come to rely on a evening treat.  Once we put Stella to bed out come some biscuits, cups of tea or possibly some crisps along with something to watch on Netflix.  This is totally okay but not when your doing it every single night and the quantities are increasing!  During the day our eating is fine, I enjoy cooking so dinners are always homemade and healthy so thats not a problem its just these evening treats that need knocked on a head!

I have a terrible sweet tooth and I always used to make sweet healthy treats from Madeline Shaw's book. I started again last week and I have been enjoying these Peanut Butter Energy Balls (which are a Ella Woodward recipe) every evening.  They are delicious and much better for me than some super high sugar cookies!

Somebody likes the look of them!

These are so easy to make and I would recommend them.  The recipe is HERE if your interested.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine you guys :-)

Claire x

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Town Trip and Summer Sandals

I am sure you like me are hoping this weather picks up? I am starting to struggle to find any humour in the on/off torrential rain and chilly temperatures! I currently have my winter coat back on rotation and an umbrella on my person at all times.

This week has seen us take a little shopping trip into town sans baby. My husband and I don't get much time as a couple just the 2 of us out of the house and it was seriously lovely being able to potter about the shops without having to worry about someone getting bored and "kicking off".  My husband may have treated me to a little hand bag purchase in House of Fraser too ;-) It really was such a great day.  Brunch undisturbed and a nosy at all the delicious things in Sawyers finished off our town trip and we headed back home direction feeling relaxed and happy and looking forward to seeing our girl.

Coat - All Saints City Monument
Scarf - Lily and Lionel
Jeans - Topshop Lucas Destroyed
Shoes - Steve Madden Eleanor
Bag - Tory Burch Tote

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I got an online delivery of the Aquazzura rip off pom pom sandals from New Look.  The sandals are very cute and at £19.99 they are such a bargain.  I might possibly be sending mine back though as I have no holidays planned and I am so disillusioned with this horrible weather!  Here is a pic though and if you are interested you can find them here.

Sunday saw us at a neighbours house watching the Wimbledon Mens Final's. Great afternoon and result and as I was indoors (while it poured with rain outside!) I was able to wear something a bit more summery. That little New Look denim top is such a great throw on number and looks really fresh teamed with white jeans and my ultra comfortable flats.

Top - New Look
Jeans - J Brand Demented Destroyed Jeans
Shoes - Steve Madden Eleanor
Weather forecast is giving dry weather tomorrow......Fingers crossed everyone!

Claire x

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hush Jumpsuit

If you fancy a great all rounder that will do you for daytime wear and can be dressed up for a evening out then I can't help but recommend this jumpsuit from Hush or you could most definitely find a similar alternative, there seem to be plenty out there in the shops at the moment.

It is 100% a lazy option that sort of makes it look like you put a bit of thought/effort into your outfit.  Along with being super comfortable it looks up to date and stylish....oh and did I mention comfortable? I did? Well I cannot stress enough it really does feel like your out and about in your pyjamas!  
There is also a plus that nothing is going to ride up, if you bend down to pick something up you won't reveal a couple of inches of your m&s knickers AND with the loose fitting top, 3 course dinners can be consumed with zero concern of feeling uncomfortable and having a protruding stomach in your skinny jeans.  WIN!

Here it is in action....

Sorry I look so tired, but I most definitely was :-) Also toe nails need painted, avert your eyes if your one of those people who find feet a bit gross. But other than that this jumpsuit is great for day wear, I rolled the bottoms up slightly to make it more flattering with the sandals and added a chunky grey cardigan when i went out as it was a little chilly. Super comfortable and daytime appropriate.

Hush Short Sleeve Jumpsuit
Black Dune Shoes
Clutch bag from Accessorize
Necklace from Monica Vinader
Cuff Bracelets by David Smallcombe
I actually really liked the look of this with my rose gold Topshop heels but I didn't have a bag that worked with them (adds to shopping list)

Have a nice weekend, lets hope we get at least some of it without rain!

Claire x

Friday, 1 July 2016

Perfect Pairing

This week has felt like a long one, don't ask me why as it really hasn't been bad at all, Stella has behaved herself and work has been fine but it has just felt kind of long.  Possibly the weather?  I hate to whinge but I mean really?!  I have worn my winter coat twice this week and both times I was still a little chilly and wished I had brought a scarf with me!

Anyway, I received my new kitchen bar stools and computer chair this week from Atlantic Shopping all of which were total bargains and I am really pleased with them.  I think they look great in my kitchen and make it look a little more modern which is what I was after.  If you need some chairs I would highly recommend them.  They are HERE if you want to have a look.

Here is one of my more slightly interesting outfits for the week.  No trainers and no jeans, just those dungarees that I thought I would never wear but I am actually loving them and my Alexa Chung M&S blouse that is an absolute b*tch to get on and off and I don't ever actually manage to take it off without absolutely covering the thing with make up AND you can't take your make up off before taking the blouse off as the neck is so high!  First world problems eh?! Anyway I think they look great together and I will be sure to wear this outfit again despite the agony :-)

Dungarees - New Look
Blouse - Alexa Chung Harry from M&S
Shoes - Old suede courts from Dune
Bag - Tory Burch (Full of stuff!!!)
Coat - All Saints City Monument
I am now away out to buy some Calpol for my constantly teething child and toothpaste!  The glamour eh?!

Have a nice weekend.

Claire x