Friday, 29 July 2016

Leopard Print Sandals and Chocolate Brownie Balls

Well it feels like today was the first day in ages that we actually had a bit of sunshine.  I used this momentous occasion to break out my Topshop Leopard Print Sandals.  I usually buy a new pair of Topshop leather sandals every year as I find them comfortable and very well priced.  My sandals usually don't last me longer than a year as we tend to do a lot of walking, especially when we are away on our holidays and that combined with me wearing them in the rain and chasing after a little one into the sea means they look very worn quickly and of course they must be replaced the following year ;-)

As per usual these ones tick the boxes in terms of comfort and I usually favour this style rather than a toe post which I tend to find pretty uncomfortable but also I just love a bit of leopard print!  Anyone else? I mean I know its a print but I find that it really does work with pretty much everything.  Anyway, here is a photo of me wearing them during a bit of a walk after our coffee at Daft Eddy's. I know I mentioned it before but these super soft jeans which are also from Topshop are always worn once a week as they are just so nice to wear almost like wearing your old, much worn and washed pyjamas but what I will say is that your Granny will hate them due to the ripped knees!

Top - Part Two from Roco Boutique Holywood here
Jeans - Topshop Lucas Destroyed Jeans here
Sandals - Topshop Havana Tie Up Sandal here

Last blog I had touched on the fact that I was trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar I was snacking on in the evenings.  Well I am pleased to say that I have been pretty good on that front bar the weekend ;-) I am still continuing on with these raw treats which are usually medjool date based.  This one from Madeleine Shaw has been popular this week with my husband (and me!) the recipe shows them in cake form but I actually formed them into balls for a bit of portion control as if I left it as a cake that I needed to slice then I would probably just eat the lot! 

The recipe is here they hit the spot with their brownie like consistency and the chocolatey flavour.

Have a nice weekend!

Claire x


  1. Looking lovely! I did not know u were a leopard print kinda girl!! Also happy to sample any of these treats ur making! 😘 Xx

    1. You will have to fight Stewart for them although he would happily let you have my "disgusting" Chickpea Cookies or my "very boring" coconut balls! :-D Xx