Friday, 1 July 2016

Perfect Pairing

This week has felt like a long one, don't ask me why as it really hasn't been bad at all, Stella has behaved herself and work has been fine but it has just felt kind of long.  Possibly the weather?  I hate to whinge but I mean really?!  I have worn my winter coat twice this week and both times I was still a little chilly and wished I had brought a scarf with me!

Anyway, I received my new kitchen bar stools and computer chair this week from Atlantic Shopping all of which were total bargains and I am really pleased with them.  I think they look great in my kitchen and make it look a little more modern which is what I was after.  If you need some chairs I would highly recommend them.  They are HERE if you want to have a look.

Here is one of my more slightly interesting outfits for the week.  No trainers and no jeans, just those dungarees that I thought I would never wear but I am actually loving them and my Alexa Chung M&S blouse that is an absolute b*tch to get on and off and I don't ever actually manage to take it off without absolutely covering the thing with make up AND you can't take your make up off before taking the blouse off as the neck is so high!  First world problems eh?! Anyway I think they look great together and I will be sure to wear this outfit again despite the agony :-)

Dungarees - New Look
Blouse - Alexa Chung Harry from M&S
Shoes - Old suede courts from Dune
Bag - Tory Burch (Full of stuff!!!)
Coat - All Saints City Monument
I am now away out to buy some Calpol for my constantly teething child and toothpaste!  The glamour eh?!

Have a nice weekend.

Claire x

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