Friday, 12 August 2016

Dior Forever and Sweet Potato Brownies

I changed up my foundation about a month ago now.  As a loyal user of Chanel Vitalumiere (maybe for 7/8 years) I decided it was time to try something new and by something new I mean something slightly more matte, better longevity and most importantly more coverage. My sleep isn't what it used to be and unfortunately that has been reflected in my face. My under eye bags have under eye circles plus along with some slight scarring on my chin from my delightful pregnancy acne my foundation just wasn't doing what it needed to. With the Chanel I had been applying 2 thin layers, then buffing in a very heavy duty Bobbi Brown or Seventeen concealer and then setting it all with Laura Mercier powder. It felt like a bit of a faff and took longer than I would have liked.  

After receiving a sample of Dior Foundation I was impressed by the fuller coverage and the colour match so off I went to Boots and bought it.  I have used it now every day for a month and still love it.  I can apply one quick coat and along with my new Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer that comes with a handy wand I can get the whole thing done and dusted in record time with no powdering but fuller more mattified coverage. Result!  The photos below (7am) show pre make up and how the foundation looked at the end of the day (7pm) there was no touching up done at all apart from lipstick :-)

On a totally different note, I am still trying not to eat too much sugar during the week. Those Peanut Butter/Brownie Balls along with a couple of Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes each day seem to be keeping the sugar cravings at bay. Even my husband is a fan.  What he ISN'T a fan of is Sweet Potato Brownies.  I had made these a year or so ago and found them okay from what I could remember but decided to give them another go this week after a friend raved about Slim's Healthy Kitchen's version.  I am yet to try Slim's but I clearly must!  I excitedly followed the recipe and refrigerated them overnight as I had heard they are much tastier the next day but sadly I still find them to be rather bland. I am planning on buying some Clandeboye Estate Vanilla Yogurt tomorrow and retrying them with a spoonful of that dolloped on top to give them some much needed sweetness.  They definitely are not awful or inedible (although my husband would disagree!) but just disappointing.

Sweet Potato Brownie
What I am really enjoying is my breakfast. It is just delicious!  Chopped banana, frozen blueberries, greek yogurt and a small handful of Just Live A Little Granola.......a-may-zing and very filling. I look forward to this each morning. Healthier and much more interesting than a bowl of Crunchy Nuts.

That's all for now folks. Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend.

Claire x

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