Sunday, 7 August 2016

Palm Tree's and Shades

Don't you just love a bargain?  I have done pretty well with finding good deals lately, the first one of which is a pair of sunglasses I bought from Asos.  This year has seen not 1 but 2 pairs of sunglasses getting damaged and having to be thrown out.  One being a pair of Marc Jacobs shades and the other my much loved Rayban Erika's.  Both were pricey, so rather than replacing them with another expensive pair I was on the hunt for a cheap pair which would do me for the rest of the year and then next year when the sunglass destruction was not so fresh in my mind I would get myself another fancy pair.
I ordered 3 pairs of shades from Asos and the ones I kept were by far the best for me.  Lightweight, simple and in super glossy black oh and only £10! :-)

Sunglasses - AJ Morgan Cat Eye Sunglasses from Asos
Scarf - Lily and Lionel from Roco Boutique Holywood
Top - White Cotton Vest from Zara
Jeans - Biker Style from All Saints
My other super bargain came from H&M. Excuse my selfie, I am not terribly good at them!

This little palm tree print blouse was a total steal.  Lightweight with 3/4 length sleeves it comes in a nude colour with black palm trees.  Worn with black skinnies and sneakers it looks the part and wait for it......cost £7.99.  I wore it today as my daughter has a terrible cold and I just knew that by the end of the day I would be covered in snot, the plus is that this washes really well too ;-) Get it here if your interested.

Earlier in the week my husband and I managed to get out for a quick dinner just the two of us in Il Pirata in Belfast, the food was delicious and it was lovely getting out sans baby for a change! It was great not rushing and being able to relax and enjoy some good food and also to get a chance to have an unbroken conversation. All these things we all probably took for granted before having children! Anyway I would certainly give it a try if your ever that direction.

The margarita's were pretty epic too ;-)  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks

Claire x

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