Sunday, 9 October 2016

Online Shopping Woes

Sorry for being so quiet lately....there is no reason behind it except that I have been juggling family life and a busy couple of weeks in work. As I said before I love this time of year, I love the crisp, sunny days that we have been having and Stella and I have been trying to make the most of them. One of her favourite words (along with duck, bee and glasses!) is outside and from the moment she wakes up that is really where she wants to be. Just as soon as we return to the house from an outing she is clamouring at the door to get out to the garden. Its funny even as a refluxy baby she was always happier out in the open air, so possibly just a real outdoors girl.

This weekend saw us visiting Rowallene, the park, seeing family, attending the Brent Event at Castle Espie and a lot of coffee drinking.  I am still online shopping like crazy but unfortunately nearly everything ends up going back?!  I am pretty sure this means that I am the problem rather than what I am ordering.  I will be hanging my head in shame when my local delivery driver brings me parcels from Whistles and Hush this week. Lets hope these are more successful.

Coat - All Saints City Monument
Jumper - Whistles
Jeans - All Saints Grace
Boots - Dune Trish
Scarf - Lily and Lionel from Roco Boutique

This weekend also saw me breaking out my old reliable over the knee boots bought from House of Fraser a few years ago. These boots owe me nothing, I wore them pretty much every day with Topshop leggings while in the last few months of my pregnancy and they are excellent in wet and cold weather. So hard wearing and comfortable. This is the link if your interested. The jumper which you cannot see here is one of the very few things I have kept from all those deliveries over the last month and its from Whistles and in the sale. Super flattering with side slits and in a useful navy it looks great over skinny jeans. Down from £65 to £45 link.

I hope you too had a great weekend.

Claire x

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