Sunday, 29 January 2017


Who else is fed up with winter coldness, winter greyness and winter wardrobes?  I am so ready for the days to start lengthening, more outside time and less layers. Roll on Spring!

For us January has been a busy month. It has seen its challenges with me trying to get my groove back at work after a change in the area I cover, there has been a lovely night out with my neighbours and friends, a holiday has been booked, building work on our home is being considered and my daughter turned 2! I can barely believe that bit as the last year has flown in. We had a small family celebration for her at the house which she loved, presents were opened and candles were blown out, what more could a girl wish for.

When I was preparing for my night out last weekend I realised that I haven't ever posted about the fake tan I have been using very regularly and when I say very regularly I mean every week.  This is unusual for me as before I got this self tanner I maybe tanned once a month. Tan was only applied when I was feeling extra specially pasty and unattractive. I hated the whole process of standing shivering in the bathroom, applying it carefully then feeling sticky and smelly for the entire evening and having to change the bedding the following day.  What a carry on!

I have been using this Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer for a number of months now and I swear I can get the whole thing done and dusted in 3 minutes (I timed it!) with no drying time, as true to what it says on the bottle it is a spray on dry mist. I am not saying this is fool proof as you do get the odd problem area but no more than what I did with my previous fake tan and I can obviously get it done so quickly and so easily that I do it far more regularly which is just great. If your interested it is £11.69 from Boots here.

As I mentioned before I am heartily fed up with my winter wardrobe which has got me thinking about what my most worn items have been over the last few months and what sort of items I should be looking to pick up for Spring/Summer.  I tend to feel the cold very easily so layers are key. Lately I have been wearing shirts and long sleeved tops under jumpers and my Hugo denim shirt is worn once a week every week! I layer it under sweaters and over stretchy v neck tops, it was expensive but I have most definitely got my money worth out of it. Something similar would be good along with thick cardigans that can replace the winter coats I am oh so fed up with! Both things are currently on my list.

Coat - Reiss
Shirt - Hugo Boss from Roco Boutique Holywood
Scarf - Cocomenthe (years old) from Roco Boutique Holywood
Jeans - All Saints
Boots - Zara
Bag - Tory Burch

Even that photo of me in my winter coat makes me do an eye roll!  Very tired of winter gear! By the way if you are looking for a pair of over the knee boots the ones that I am wearing in the photo were a bargain £45. Great if you are fancying a pair of boots but are not wanting to commit to anything expensive since we are now in the tail end of winter. I think these exact ones I am wearing are sold out but I did see a very similar pair with a slighly higher heel in the Zara store in Belfast a couple of weeks ago for the same price.

Claire x

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